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We believe small weddings are the best ones.  Weddings  where the two of you get to spend your day connecting and making memories with your closest friends and family, and we get to spend our time capturing it. In order to do that, most of the weddings we photograph are intimate weddings and elopements with less than 150 guests. 

However you envision your day—every moment of your wedding is beautiful and deserves to be captured. If this sounds like the type of wedding you’d like to have, we’ll probably be a great fit!

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You're not just another client; I genuinely want to get to know you, hear your stories, and learn about what you want your wedding to be like because I truly care.

Couples that work with lisa kathan photography are passionate about life and each other. When it comes to wedding photography, our photography is ideal for couples that value quality over quantity and want their wedding to reflect their personal connections and how they felt on their wedding day.

My favorite couples to work with have an artsy side, a great sense of humor, and a little bit of quirk.

Most of my photography is relatively unposed. I do give guidance, but for the most part, I am allowing you and your love for one another to unfold. That's why very few of my images have people looking at me...I want the focus to be on each other, and don't do a lot in the way of posing. 

If this sounds like you, I think we'd be a great fit. Let's set up a time to meet, either on video chat or in person!

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choose hourly coverage...

$700 - two hours            $1050 - three hours

choose portrait sessions...

$400 - engagement            $300 - bridal            $400 - post-wedding

choose your heirlooms...

 $800 - 10x10 linen bound            $900 - 10x10 leather-bound            $300 - add-on 6x6 parent album, each

simply wed collections are limited to 20 or fewer guests

simply wed packages for weekends dates are taken no more than 6 weeks in advance,
or subject to an additional $100/hour premium fee

NOTE: if your wedding is within Chicago or Milwaukee city limits, there may be an added $25 fee for parking

portrait sessions and heirloom albums are discounted when you book your wedding coverage with us


with every wedding...

  • We scout locations before your wedding, so we have the perfect spots selected to capture your unique wedding day.
  • I'm available for pre-wedding consultations, in-person, via video chat and email.
  • We create customized timelines to help keep your photography on schedule.
  • You have access to a private online client portal, which houses all your wedding documents and timelines.
  • After your wedding (4-6 weeks) you'll receive a private online gallery of fully-edited digital images from your wedding (about 75-100/hour). You can download your images, and then share with family and friends worlwide, so they can order prints and albums.
  • Even though choosing to print with us will provide you with the highest quality professional prints, you have printing rights and can print your images when and where you like.


Why lisa kathan photography?

What sets me apart from other photographers is my eye for the moments that are often overlooked. It's obvious that you want good photos of you and your partner and photos of the goings on of the day; any wedding photographer can provide that, but what I bring to the table is an eye for the nuances of the day and the subtle emotions. Not only do I capture the main events, but all the things behind the scenes. Simply put, I capture the feeling of your wedding day and all the little details that make up the big picture.

How many images come in a gallery?
It varies from wedding to wedding, but I typically deliver about 100 images for every hour of coverage.

How do I know how many of hours of coverage I need?
This is a great question! We'll talk about this in more detail at our first meeting.

Do I need two photographers?
I feel confident and comfortable photographing weddings by myself and I photograph 80% of my weddings alone. However, if you are having a particularly large wedding or if your wedding takes place across more than one venue, I will add a second photographer to your package for an additional fee. 

What gear do you use?
I use 2 camera bodies (usually Canon 5d Mark iii and 6D) and prime lenses. I know my gear inside and out!

Are you insured?
Yes, I have up to $1,000,000 in coverage.

Do you travel for weddings?
Definitely! Just let me know where you are getting married and I will prepare a quote for travel expenses. I do not charge travel fees for weddings in Chicago or Milwaukee areas.

Do you use flash?
All the images you see on my site were shot without flash. I am primarily a natural light photographer and I can shoot in pretty much anything, as long as there is some light, without flash. However, I do use flash occasionally, such as when the reception is very dark or during family photos. I don't do wedding portraits with flash, since I am trying to capture so many moments, flash is an inhibitor to being able to capture those moments. 

What if something crazy happens and you can't make it to our wedding?!
The good news is that this has never happened, but if for some crazy circumstances I am unable to make it to your wedding, a replacement photographer that has been vetted by me will be there to photograph your wedding. The images from that photographer will then be given to me and I will edit them and deliver them to you.

What if something happens and all the images get deleted?!
Again, this has never happened, but if for some reason it did, rest assured that your images are backed up in three different places! Additionally, I shoot on dual cards for your wedding, just in case something goes awry with one of them (again, it's never happened). On my desktop, an external hard drive, and on a remote server. I also own a file recovery program so that if for some reason my memory card were corrupted, I am able to retrieve the files. I've got your back!

Can we print the photos anywhere or do they have to be printed with you?
I'd love you for you to print your images and albums from your online gallery because I can guarantee the quality, but you are more than welcome to print your photos elsewhere if you would like. 

Can we download the full resolution images or just web sized images?
You can download the full resolution images straight to your computer!