you're engaged


Wherever you are at is as a couple — engaged, just married, or 10th anniversary — the decision to mark this period with photos means it’s cool stage of your life and I’m so excited you’ve decided to capture it!

Couple sessions are hands down my absolute favorite types of photo sessions.  I love getting to learn about your love story, as well as all your quirks. I love watching couples go from nervous at the start of the shoot, to feeling like they’re on the best date they’ve had in months.

But photo sessions can also be a bit overwhelming,…so I put together a simple list of a few things you should consider.

couple jumping on bed


Think about places that are meaningful to your relationship. Maybe it’s the bar where you had your first date, or the park where you walk your dogs.  Maybe you camp during the summer, or spend time at a local pet shelter. Think about places that feel natural to your relationship and where you feel most comfortable.

couple on riverwalk

for the homebodies

Are you the most comfortable when you’re stretched out on your couch, dog at your side, binge watching a show with your best friend in the world?  If home is where your hearts are, let’s do your session there!

In-home sessions take away some of the stress of having your photo taken in public, and people loosen up and are comfortable more quickly at home.  The other part of in-home sessions I adore, is being able to capture tangible things during this stage of your relationship. Things you can look back on later in life and say “Oh remember when our kitchen looked like that?!” Not only are we capturing YOU but we get to capture your home together.

If you’re planning an in-home session, here are some helpful tips:

Choose a couple locations
Places in your home where you like to relax and spend time together…in your bed, on the couch, in the kitchen, your patio. 

Find an activity
Something you two do together…make breakfast, drink your coffee, brush your teeth, have a glass of wine, read poetry, play scrabble. It can be totally mundane, just something that brings the two of you together.

Declutter just a little
Your house doesn't need to be perfect, but if you don't want it in your photos, you might want to put it away. Focus on the areas where we’ll be, you don’t need to destash the entire house!

couple laughing in bed


The four seasons
Think about what season it will be during your session, and if it fits your personality and relationship. If you hate snow, you probably don’t want to do your photos in January. If you’re super stressed about the summer heat, October might be better.

Permits and such
I always mention to couples that many of the popular park spaces in Chicago and the suburbs require a permit for professional photography, which costs extra. We can absolutely secure a permit if you want to add the cost to your sesh, and if we have time. I always suggest permit-free locations first and will let you know when we discuss locations, if it’s free or permitted.

One suggestion I love to make is to do some photos at a place you like to hang, like a bar or coffee shop. These places are usually free to shoot a few photos, but I ALWAYS ask that you bring some extra cash to buy a couple of glasses of wine or coffee, so we are giving business to these establishments while taking photos of you having fun!

engagement photos at Lincoln Park

The day of your sesh
The time of day we’ll do your session isn’t a coincidence. We’ll schedule it so we have the best natural light for your photos, whether that’s light coming in through your windows or a gorgeous sunset.  Make sure you allow enough time for travel/traffic/parking. If we’re meeting in a busy location in the city, check out the SpotHero app. I use it almost every time I’m doing a session in the city!

couple having drinks

what do we wear?

I did a whole post about how to prepare for your photo session look HERE!

I love to offer the opportunity for you to change outfits halfway through a session. This gives you the opportunity to get different looks and feels with your session. Many couples opt for one dressier option and one more casual option.

morning love

drinks & doggies

If you’re wondering about how you can make your experience personal and memorable, bring along anything that’s special to you. Your session should reflect you, so if that means bringing your pup (just let me know in advance!) or something that helps to tell your story, do it! Maybe it’s something from your proposal or a hobby you both share, maybe it’s a food you love, or a bottle of wine. Whatever you want in your photos, I’ll do my best to make it happen!

couple with pup

it’s OK to be nervous!

My job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be yourselves in front of my lens. There’s no need to practice poses or study Pinterest. If you’re nervous, it’s totally OK – I promise the end results of our time together will be something you love.

dancing at sunset