6 tips to choosing a location for your senior session | chicago senior photographer

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Your senior photos are big deal! And where you take your senior photos is a huge part of communicating to the world who you are, what you love, and what's important to  you right now. 

1. First, ask your photographer! Your photographer sees light and locations in ways that you probably won't see them, so make sure you ask their thoughts as to what they think is best regarding the location and time of day. Also, the light at specific settings varies based on the time of year and the time of day, so your photographer can help you choose the best time to schedule your session.

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2. Look at your photographer’s blog or social media for inspiration. If you aren’t sure about what location you might like for your photos, a great place to start is your photographer’s blog. This will give you a clue as to how they shoot in specific locations, as well as possibly give you ideas about the kinds of locations that might be in your area.

3. When looking for inspiration, focus on the locations. You might have seen a cool location from a wedding photo on your photographer's Instagram. Chances are, if you liked the photo, you might like your senior photos there, too. 

4. What kinds of places do you love? If you spend your summers at the beach, maybe doing photos there is where you'll feel most comfortable; or if being in the city makes you feel alive, consider that. If you love peace and quiet, perhaps the woods or an open field makes most sense. Tell your photographer, and they can give you suggestions about the specific locations that will best suit your time of year and the perfect light for your session. 

5. What are your personal interests? Your photographer won't be able to capture every single activity you're involved in. But pick your favorite, the one you know you'll keep doing after graduation. It could possibly help drive the decision on where to shoot, so they can implement your passion into your photo session. 

6. Time of day is important. When it comes to this, listen to your photographer. Don't schedule your session based on your sports schedule and weekend plans (though these things are important!). To make great photos, you need good light, and your photographer can direct you as to when that will be. Everyone is busy senior year! But your senior photos are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and a few hours out of your life -- so consider cancelling or moving some personal plans if you need to.

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