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Making pictures is where I feel most at home, and when I get to connect with others while doing it,'s the best thing in the world! It's also great getting to merge my past experience as a wedding coordinator with my passion for photography so I can enjoy and bless couples like you!

I believe great photos start with great connection. I'd love to get together for coffee and discuss anything you'd like about your well as get to know you, and find out about all the sweet, quirky, lovely things that are going to make your day special and unique.


simply wed collections

elopements and the most intimate weddings are my heart...I love the opportunity they give me as a photographer to focus on you and the special relationships you have


tiny weddings and elopements with 20 or fewer guests

two hours of wedding photography starts at $700

for more detailed pricing information, contact us and we'll send it right over!


wedding collections

We especially love simple, non-traditional weddings: intimate gatherings, outdoor ceremonies and elopements

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having a smaller wedding with under 125 guests?
that's our specialty!

our pricing model is simple and flexible...
we customize every wedding collection, so you get exactly what you need! 

photography coverage starts at:

$1600 - four hours          $2400 - six hours          $3200 - eight hours

for more detailed pricing information, contact us and we'll send it right over!



It’s so special when someone asks me to capture them just as they are. Life is imperfect, and photography is perfectly able to document all the beauty in that imperfection 


There's a few reasons that photographing couples are some of my favorite kinds of sessions. I married my college sweetheart, my 100% biggest supporter in my photography. He pushes me, he cheers me on, and sometimes he even assists me at sessions and weddings.

But I'm gonna get a little personal: my husband and I were never able to have children. For a lot of years, I felt like we were forced to miss out on all the great memories couples made with their children, even getting beautiful family photos. When I became a photographer, I became passionate about capturing connection between couples. I believe that every couple, with or without children, deserves to have beautiful portraits that capture that special uniqueness that makes your relationship perfect just the way it is.

During couple sessions, we focus on what makes you, uniquely you: something just the two of you share together. It could be your home, your favorite bar, the activity the two of you are always doing together...we set the entire session around the places and things where you make memories, that will be your memories 20 years from now.


pre-wedding | engagement | anniversary | at-home


full couple session $700

2-3 hours, multiple locations, and so many memories
online gallery of images for download

these sessions are discounted when you book your wedding coverage with us!



intimate, soulful portraits are where I got my start, and I love them still...capturing the moment, the person, there's nothing like it in the world


portrait session $500

1-hour session at an outdoor location,
in your home, or in our Lake County studio
online gallery of images for download