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in-home couples session



what to expect

We want to capture your relationship and your life, as it is, right now, in all its uniqueness. Whether the two of you are romantic, goofy, flirty or quiet, being in your most natural, comfortable setting – your home – will help us to capture that.

Five years from now you may have kids in your life, you might not, but you’ll probably be in a different home, job or emotional place than you are today. So during this in-home session we’ll spend 1-2 hours capturing just the two of you, together, focusing on your connection as a couple. So if together you could spend a few days before our session thinking about and identifying both of these beforehand, it will help us…

how do we prepare?


a location:

a place in your home where you like to relax and spend time together…in your bed, on the couch, a comfy chair, your patio. 


an activity:

something you two do together…make breakfast, drink your coffee, brush your teeth, have a glass of wine, read poetry. It can be totally mundane, just something that brings the two of you together (hint: watching TV or playing Pokemon are not approved activities!). The “activity” should be in a different place in the house than your “location” above.


If you’re just plain stuck on activity ideas, write little notes to each other and answer one of these questions: 

  • Write the time you were most proud of the other and why

  • Write 3 of your favorite things about the other

  • Write 3 things you promise to always do for the other

  • Write the moment you needed the other the most

what should we wear?

We want to capture what relaxed life is like for you, day-to-day. So be casual! Jeans, shorts, pajamas, tanks, t’s, whatever. Guys can be shirtless if you want. I only ask that colors you wear not be too bright (no lime green, hot pink) and that they be well-fitting (sloppy won’t be flattering in photos). And barefoot. This will be the easiest photo session you ever dressed for!

If you have Pinterest, here's a board I created to inspire your fashion for this session!

more tips!

Hair looks best at least partly down in photos.

Glasses…consider removing them to avoid glare in your photos. If you decide to keep them on, I will probably ask you to remove them for a few pictures. If you wear transition-style glasses, they look like sunglasses in photos. So for your session, please consider removing the lenses or not wearing them for your session.

Makeup. No need to wear more than you would on a night out, but wearing it really makes a difference in photos.

other randoms...

We needs some jams, so I’ll bring a little Bluetooth speaker so we can play some moody tunes (and you two can say whatever you want to each other and I won’t hear it!). And a big cozy blanket for the two of you to snuggle.

 Tidy up your house and declutter a little – especially the areas where we might be – that will help the focus of the photos be on you (and not the stuff in your house!). Your house doesn't need to be perfect, but if you don't want it in your photos, you might want to put it away.

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Feel free to email or text me snaps of your clothing ideas if you want any feedback on clothing options, etc.... I'm always happy to help! And if you can’t decide what to wear, I can help you decide. I love styling my clients for the camera!

I’m so excited to capture the two of you!