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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if you're the wedding photographer for me?
Get in touch and set up a meeting over coffee! Every photographer should be willing to meet with you and answer your questions, as well as allow you to connect with him/'ll be spending lots of time with your photographer, before and during your wedding, and you should genuinely like and feel like you can trust them. Also, take time to look through the photographs on their site and social media, and find out if their style matches your own. These things, far above price, should drive your decision when hiring a photographer for your wedding! 

We're eloping! Can you take some photos of our ceremony and of us before/after?
Absolutely, elopements are lovely! Check out my wedding page for more info.

What's your shooting style?
I'm a natural shooter, but always start out giving you some direction. Often I'll photograph you as you naturally react. Even though some of the photos I take may have you looking at the camera, most of them have a more natural, relaxed, authentic feel. My clients almost always say they had a lot of fun and really loved how the felt about themselves when I was photographing them.

What's your editing style? Do you do offer images in black + white?
My shooting and editing style is often described as moody, simple, authentic. Also your gallery will always include lots of images in color, and a few that I select as "artisan edits," which are created specifically for black + white. I don't simply convert your color images to black + white, but rather have a special process that I use for black + white images; therefore, I don't supply all your images in color and black + white. It's a thoughtful, artistic selection of both.

Do you blog all your sessions and weddings?
I don't blog everything because of time, but if you want me to hold off blogging or posting because you're planning to give your pictures as gifts, etc, please let me know when you sign your contract.

Will you do this really cute thing I saw on Pinterest?
I think Pinterest is an amazing place for inspiration, and I myself have several inspiration boards. However, I don't reproduce other photographer's work. Since my method of photography is organic and in-the-moment, I love when my clients come open-minded so we can work together to make the best pictures!

Do you have a studio?
I sure do! I have a small, natural light studio in western Lake County, where I love doing bridal and other portraits...the light is beautiful.

How long have you been doing photography?
In 2013, I was a writer, working in marketing when I lost my job and decided to take a film photography class at a local college. I had borrowed a friend's camera a few times and really enjoyed taking pictures, so I thought it might be a good way to kill a couple months till I figured out my next move. Pretty soon, I realized that there was nothing else I wanted to do and there was no way I was going back to being a writer. Finding photography it was like finding the one thing I had been missing from my life, as though I was always meant to do it. Making pictures is where I feel most at home, and when I get to connect with others while doing it,'s the best thing in the world.

Have you won any awards?
Some people do ask,...but yeah, I've been featured in several photographic magazines, blogs, and have won multiple awards for my work in Chicago-area art galleries. 

I like your what? 
Contact me and let's chat!