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Couples session guide

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how do we prepare for our session?

The only thing you need to do is to be sure is that your you're well-hydrated and rested before your session. Basically, if you're relaxed, we’ll get the best photos!

what should we wear?

Plan ahead!! When planning outfits, think "coordinating, not matching." Also, if you wear or brings layers, you can take off a sweater, blazer, whatever, for different looks. Jeans are great, but no sweatpants or gym clothes. I always say, "think layers, accessories and personality!" 

And don’t forget the shoes! They’ll be in the photos, so wear something that’s clean and coordinates with what you’re wearing. Try to avoid gym shoes, especially on the boys and men. It’s an easy go-to, but with everyone looking so lovely, a photo really can be ruined with a pair of super casual gym shoes. And please, no crocs!

Remember, these are your photos, so do it up a little! You want to look like yourselves, but since you've made an investment in your photos, make an equal investment in determining what you both will wear during your session. It should definitely be a step up from what you wear every day.

some clothing tips

Clothing tips:

  • #1, wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Wear fitted clothing. Not tight, but clothes that fit well in the shoulders and chest look best.
  • A pattern or splash of color can look great on a small item or accessory.
  • Remember below the knees! Your socks, shoes, boots may be in your pictures, so be sure they reflect your style and also work with the rest of your outfit.
  • And it bears repeating: please no crocs or gym shoes

If you need to, go shopping! You’ve already committed your hard-earned money on a photo session. If you need a few items or accessories, consider spending a few more so you look your best!

Any more clothing suggestions?
Look on Pinterest boards under “what to wear, photo sessions.” These are great if you need some visual suggestions to inspire you!

Send me your snaps of your wardrobe

This makes a huge difference! Sometimes what you think looks great together (and it probably does!) may not look as great on camera. Hardly anyone takes me up on this offer, but when they do, it really makes a difference in the final result. Text or email me snaps of your clothing thoughts (you can just lay them out on the bed or floor, or wear them, whichever you prefer), and I'll be happy to give you some feedback! If you have a last minute thought and can't decide, bring your options along and I'll help you decide. I love styling my clients for the camera, and this is part of the package when you purchase a photo session with me!

more tips!

Hair looks best at least partly down in photos.

Glasses…consider removing them to avoid glare in your photos. If you decide to keep them on, I will probably ask you to remove them for a few pictures. If you wear transition-style glasses, they look like sunglasses in photos. So for your session, please consider removing the lenses or not wearing them for your session.

Makeup. Wearing it really makes a difference in photos. So if you never wear makeup, you'll look much more special with mascara, blush and a lip color. If you do wear makeup, wear what you would on a "night out."

other randoms...

Be early.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session so you’re not rushed and you have time to freshen up, etc. beforehand. I often have other things on the schedule, and if you’re late it will cut into your paid session time, which equals less photos and options.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I usually post sneak peeks, links to blog posts featuring session, etc. If you follow me, I can tag you on your photos/sessions!

I’m so excited to see what kind of pictures we can make together!