There's a few reasons that photographing couples are some of my favorite kinds of sessions. I married my college sweetheart, my 100% biggest supporter in my photography. He pushes me, he cheers me on, and sometimes he even assists me at sessions and weddings.

But I'm gonna get a little personal: my husband and I were never able to have children. For a lot of years, I felt like we were forced to miss out on all the great memories couples made with their children, even getting beautiful family photos. When I became a photographer, I became passionate about capturing connection between couples. I believe that every couple, with or without children, deserves to have beautiful portraits that capture that special uniqueness that makes your relationship perfect just the way it is.

During couple sessions, we focus on what makes you, uniquely you: something just the two of you share together. It could be your home, your favorite bar, the activity the two of you are always doing together...we set the entire session around the places and things where you make memories, that will be your memories 20 years from now.


pre-wedding | engagement | anniversary | at-home


couple session $700

2-3 hours, multiple locations, and so many memories
online gallery of images for download


*couple sessions are discounted when you book your wedding with us