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featured in The Long Way Home | soulful portrait photography

It's been a long wait, but the April 1 issue of The Long Way Home magazine is finally out, and I am so excited!

My friends know that I was a writer for a long time before discovering photography. I put that away for a while, partially because of time, but mostly so I could focus my art on learning photography. I feel like photography and writing sort of tap into different parts of my brain, and it's a challenge for me to move from one to other easily. But I saw this opportunity to write something meaningful and took it. 

I feel vulnerable sharing this personal story, but it's part of my journey: as a photographer, an artist and a woman.

The entire feature -- including beautiful images I captured during a session with Rachel Proch and her daughter -- can be purchased at The Long Way Home. Print and digital copies are available. I recommend the print...the photography in the magazine is lovely! 

Lisa Sulzbach