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the "not-a-suit-and-tie" headshot | headshot photography Chicago IL

When I started making headshots, I had a goal of doing a "modern headshot," one that looked more like a really great portrait of you, instead of an nicer version of what you might get at the DMV. And I wanted it to be a little fun, so you didn't feel like getting your headshot done was on par with a visit to the dentist.

Out of this, came the "not-a-suit-and-tie" headshot! A casual and modern headshot session. Perfect for professional artists, actors, pastors...basically anyone who works in a more casual environment (which let's be honest, is just about everyone!).

What's different about them? I typically crop my headshots into the hairline, giving your image a modern, friendly look. I also usually shoot on a darker background (if your session is indoors), which is more flattering to skin. And if I need to do any retouching, it will look like it never happened. The end result? You'll look like your best self!

Of course, you can wear a suit and tie if you'd like. Just know that you don't have to in order to get a great headshot!

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Lisa Sulzbach