simple. authentic. soulful.


2016 in review | chicago photographer


When I sat down to write my 2016 in review post, it hit me: this year has been the most difficult, growth-inducing, rewarding year yet in my photography.

When starting my business in February, 2015 I knew it would be difficult and at times exhausting. If you've ever started a business, you know what I am takes everything you have to succeed! Some days, the passion you have for your craft is the only thing that gets you through.

But what I didn't expect to happen is to really...I mean really find my artist voice.

At the start of 2016, I knew what I enjoyed doing in my photography, and maybe a little of what I was good at. But throughout this year, I truly found who I am as a photographer, and felt like it would be great if I could boil it down to just three words.

So I thought about it, and even asked people close to me and other photographers how they would describe me as a photography.

After a dinner conversation with one of my oldest and closest friends, it came to me almost out of the blue. 

simple. authentic. soulful.

I think these words not only describe the "style" of my imagery, but also the way I approach all of my photography...from helping my clients before and after sessions, to how I think about my photography, to the final, edited outcome.

I am so happy that I really feel like I truly know who I am as a photographer. 

Below are a sampling of some of my favorite photos from 2016. I am so excited for 2017!!