lisa kathan photography

lisa kathan photography


soulful, authentic, candid, romantic...
I love making real connections with people and capturing their natural and organic beauty. Whether newly engaged, or married for 20 years, I love making beautiful photographs of couples


ten years from now I want you to be able to look at your photos and remember how you felt.

Your nervous anticipation in that quiet room, with just a slice of light on face, before you walked down the aisle. The sparkle of your gown, and how when he looked at you, you felt like the most beautiful creature on earth. The way your heart fluttered when you turned around and saw her for the first time. The words you whispered to each other when you were out of earshot of everyone. The moments like these are what will be important to you ten years from now, and I want to be able to capture each one of them for you. 



“Lisa is professional and laid back, creating a comfortable and organic environment, quietly capturing authentic moments. You’ll leave her feeling like you just hung out with a friend, and you’ll be shocked to see the art that comes from you just being yourself.”

— Rachel P.


I'm Lisa and I love...

my husband (I'd be lost without him!)
our pup, Wesley
bike rides
Lou Malnati's pizza
God's grace
good poetry
elementary (TV show)
The way the light catches a bride's eyes
people, and telling their stories